Ke Nako! Remember that? If not, that was the slogan for the 2010 FIFA world cup meaning it’ s time and indeed it is time for Africa to realize it’ s full potential.

Africa is the home of the poorest people on this planet yet it carries the most immense wealth by all definitions; But we have failed to realize full potential due to a number of reasons e.g. >400 years of slavery, >100 years of colonialism and the present modern day slavery (neocolonialism), corruption among others.

Afro pessimism has been the product of all the above injustices but the tables now have turned, mainly due to;

  1. Improved democracy and governance in many states.
  2. The Western economies and eastern have heavily increased their investments in Africa as opposed the usual dead aid.
  3. Brain Gain due to lack of jobs in more developed nations.
  4. Improved Infrastructure and Information Flow in Africa.
  5. Economic crises in the developed countries forcing investors to seek juicier returns in emerging markets.
  6. Increased global population spurring demand for African commodities.
  7. A burgeoning middleclass